• 300 g large marshmallows
  • 3 tbs canola margarine
  • 3 tbs wheat germ
  • 6 cups puffed rice cereal e.g. “rice bubbles”

1. Melt margarine and marshmallows in a pan over the stove (or in a microwave if you have a big enough bowl and microwave).
2. When they are melted and mixed, take off the stove and add in the puffed rice cereal and wheat germ.
3. Stir until all the cereal is coated and pour out into a well greased pan (or well greased wax paper).
4. Press flat and allow it to cool.
5. Take out and cut (it may be hard to cut with a small knife so you may like to put it on a clean chopping board and use a big vegetable/meat knife).
6. Cut into 1 1/2 inch squares. Makes about 50 pieces.

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